Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First game: Auburn vs. Louisiana-Monroe

I know. I said Monday and it's Tuesday.

Auburn opens the season against Louisiana-Monroe, similar to the way it did its undefeated season in 2004. Normally, there would be no time for trash talk, but Alabama's loss last year to Louisiana-Monroe, combined with expected comparisons that NC-wannabe pundits will want to make will give this game a lot of edge.

Auburn will win this game, but expect some initial fits and starts. Kodi Burns (my projected starter) will get the opening nod, but Chris Todd will also get time under center, directing Auburn to at least one and possibly two of its scores. The defense, which returns 6 of the 7 starters from last year in the back seven, will show that it's learned to put its hands in the air to block deep balls.

Final score: Auburn 38, LA-Monroe 14.
AU Record: 1-0

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