Friday, July 11, 2008

Dealing With Heat

The weather has been hot outside, though I think last summer was worse. My younger sister commented that we missed the worst of this summer while we were in Japan. (If that's true, we were lucky.)

Worse than the heat, though, is the price you pay to stay cool. I hear and read about stories of monthly power bills that are very costly. One of the ways we keep ours down is the way we use the air conditioner. If it's hot enough to need the air conditioner, instead of keeping the temperature set at a specific number, we look at the current temperature inside the house. Then, we set the desired temperature at 1-2 degrees below that number. Doing so keeps air moving in the house and in turn keeps us cool.

What things do you do to stay cool during the summer months?


Tami Brothers said...

Hey Walt,

Great idea. We actually use ceiling fans quite a bit. Like you said, this keeps the air moving.


Walt M said...

We installed three ceiling fans in our house this weekend. I agree. They are a great help.