Sunday, June 15, 2008

Remembering the Past

As I watched the U.S. Open today, my thoughts were that I wanted a tie with as as many people involved as possible.
However, I was reminded of '90 U.S. Open, when Hale Irwin sank a birdie putt on the final hole to put himself in a position to win it. He was so happy, he ran around the green (pictured here). Irwin was later tied in the clubhouse by Mike Donald, the man who had led from Day One.

I was in Portland at the time, while the tournament was going on and I remember watching the playoff at my Aunt Andrea's house. Andrea called the house. I answered. She brought up the U.S. Open, to which I said, "Yeah, Irwin just tied it all up on the 18th hole. They've gone into sudden death." Andrea was apoplectic. "How could you tell me that? Bob (her husband) is taping the playoff. I hate golf and he's going to make me watch it with him. The only reprieve was not knowing how it's going to end."

Andrea, only ten years my senior, died 12 years ago. It was much too early. You are still missed.

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