Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 3 (Saturday, May 31)

In my wife's opinion, this is the extent of my French
It is said regarding jet lag that you’re tired the first day, you hit a wall the second day, and you start adjusting by third day. For us, Day 3 was a day with friends and family…and we still spent part of it zonked out.

When the boys rose that Saturday morning, maybe ten seconds elapsed before they turned on the computer games, something that they spent the better part of the morning playing. Of course, I had to count myself among the boys because I spent a good amount of time that morning playing as well. Lunch arrived, after which Mo and Naoko asked the scary question, “Can the two of you handle the kids?” We assured them that we could as they disappeared for a couple of hours to walk around the neighborhood. As for Naoki, the boys, and I, as the French would say, Wii wii wii.

The boys, Daiki, and a kid from the neighborhood enjoying themselves. They eventually went outside and played in the empty lot next door. The kid came over as he wanted to meet foreigners. He brought two extra Wii sticks with him.

A picture of the family

We returned to Osaka that evening and went out for dinner with not only the family we were staying with many of the relatives in the area. I particularly remember Mo’s grandmother’s cousin, a spry 88-year old woman who looks like she’ll be around many years to come. The food was great, especially the seafood.

A family shot is below. There was more than one taken, but we had trouble getting all the kids to look forward at the same time. This one seemed to have the best light. Mo's uncle is second from the left. Her aunt is standing behind him.

After dinner, we returned to Mo’s uncle’s place. I made sure Christopher got a bath and got ready for bed. Andrew took a shower and got himself dressed. Once again, we counted ourselves lucky that Mo’s relatives had the space to put us up and I fixed the futons so the boys could hit the sack. Though sleeping on the floor may not seem like much fun, futons are quite comfortable. (They can also be folded up for easy storage in a closet.) We had five of them laid out next to each other, one for each of us. The boys went to sleep and we eventually did, too.

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Debby Giusti said...

Hey Walt,
Loved the photos and your blog! Mo is gorgeous . . . of course, I knew she would be. And your boys are adorable. Lucky them to have such a great dad!

Your pics took me back to my youth. Hope to stop by tomorrow for more trip highlights!