Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 12 (Monday, June 9)

Our last full day in Japan had but one objective: shopping. We had come to Japan bearing gifts. We would go home the same way. We had tried to acquire things along the way, but Monday was our last chance. I had made a list in my journal of people for whom we wanted to acquire something.

In addition, we told Mo’s aunt and uncle we would bring home dinner. So we went to a large department store. Most major department stores have groceries on their first floor. Some stores have a number of food stalls, selling ready-to-eat hot food. We picked up what we needed and headed out.

Before we headed home, Christopher needed to go to the bathroom. We were at the train station. I stopped an employee and asked where one was. After I heard the directions, Christopher asked me, “Daddy, did she say down the stairs and to the left?” I was floored. Had he picked up that much already in two weeks? Mo, however, thought the woman probably made hand signals that Christopher interpreted. She may be right.

We did realize one mistake. For 2-3 days, we had started culling our photos, even deleting some of them that we didn't like. We should have brought a second memory stick for the camera.


Debby Giusti said...

Love your blog and all the pics of Japan. After living there as a kid, it's been great seeing modern Japan and recapturing memories through your photos.

PS What a beautiful family you have!

Walt M said...

Thank you for your comments, Debby. Glad I could help you recapture the past.