Friday, June 27, 2008

Chiba Lotte Marines update

After a hiatus of several days, the Chiba Lotte Marines re-open play Saturday night (Saturday morning Atlanta time) against the Seibu Lions. Click here or on the sports link in the column to the right. (Daytime pictre taken by us while we were there. Fireworks picture borrowed from the Marines web site.)


Anonymous said...

My son and I are heading to next Tuesday's game (7/29). Any suggestions for a pre-game meal? This will be his first time in Japan. We actually arrive that afternoon. We want to fully immerse ourselves. Both of us speak the language. Maybe a fan-based izakaya in the area? Thanks for any suggestions and tips. We'll be sitting near home plate. -Dave from NJ

Walt Mussell said...

Hi, Dave. Thanks for stopping by.

I can't speak for a specific izakaya. I was with my kids when I was there. However, there are a number of fan-type establishments close to the stadium. Look for a Lotteria that's on the main road running to the stadium. (It's on your left side as you walk from the closest train station to the stadium. ) A Lotteria is a Japanese McDonald's, but I believe this one has TVs for game watching, if I remember correctly. You should find a Marines souvenier store next door as well as a number of other stores. There may possibly be an izakaya in that grouping of establishments. People who work in that area might be able to point you to any number of fan hangouts before the game.

Have fun!