Friday, May 9, 2008

Zin'kiv (continued)

My cousin and fellow Auburn grad, Nathan, the one working for the Peace Corps in Zin'kiv, provided me with additional information on his town. The place is quite interesting.

Zin'kiv is the region center (akin to a county seat) for the Zinkivski region of the Ukraine. The town was founded in 1604 and recently celebrated its 400th anniversary. The river that flows through the town is called the Tashan.

Before the Soviet Union there were 9 churches in Zinkiv, now there is only one, which was built ten years ago. This is not uncommon. The Soviet Union destroyed many churches or converted them to government use. Restoring them to their original purpose is one of the challenges the Christian church faces in that region.

Any more facts on Zin'kiv and the Zinkivski region would be appreciated.

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