Friday, May 2, 2008


A week or so ago, I brought up the situation Andrew was having with bullies. We’ve addressed it as best we can and, with less than three weeks to go in the school year, it looks like we’re done for now.

However, with a look towards next year, my wife, Mo, is examining a way to address the situation not just for Andrew, but for kids with special needs, kids who are new, and kids who just might need help. Mo recently heard about something called a “buddy system.” Everyone is familiar with a buddy system from school field trips. Kids pair up with other kids to ensure that no one gets left behind away from the school. This particular program pairs up kids in school. It could pair special-needs kids with other children or peers that could look after them or just be around to be helpful. It could also be used to pair up new kids in school (kids who moved in mid-year) with a peer to look at for them and help them get settled. It could also be used to pair up younger kids with older kids.

Does anyone know of a similar program already is use at your kid’s school. Please let me know. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Coming Soon: The Greg Norman shopping method

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