Saturday, April 5, 2008

Notes From The Diamond

(Note to my wife: This story has nothing to do with jewelry.)

Complete the following series: 1-run last inning loss, 1-run last inning loss, win,…

If you said 1-run last inning loss, you’ve probably been watching the Atlanta Braves. However, you could have been watching my older son Andrew’s baseball team, also called the Atlanta Braves.

It has been a gut-wrenching season so far. I’ve seen Andrew’s team play ahead and blow it in the final inning. I’ve seen them catch up and then blow it. The only difference from them and the Major League version is that my son’s team’s one win in its first four games wasn’t a blowout. They’ve also had rainouts, just like the Major League team.

Still, Andrew’s team has played hard. As for Andrew, he’s yet to get a hit. He has made contact with the ball and managed to scare the fans of the opposing team with a foul ball. Most impressive has been his batting eye. He’s averaging one walk per game and has managed to score two runs. Only once has he stuck out on anything less than a full count. Most of all, he is having a great time most loves the nickname his coaches and teammates have given him, Mussell Man.

As for Christopher, his teeball team, also called the Braves, is having similar troubles with one win and five losses. The games I’ve seen have been high scoring affairs, which is common for teeball. Christopher has played pitcher’s mound and third base and seems to prefer the mound as it’s the center of attention, his favorite position regardless of the situation. Like his brother, he’s having a blast.

And fun is what it’s all about.

Now if the little league Braves could only pull out a big win in their next game like the Big League team did today against the Mets.

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Devon Gray said...

Sounds like they're having a blast! I hope you had a great weekend.