Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Repeat of History

In 1985, Auburn won four games in the SEC tourney, becoming the first team to win the SEC tournament by winning four games. The next team to accomplish it would be Arkansas in 2000, who upset #1 seed Auburn to win it all. (Despite the loss, Auburn still received a #1 seed in the Big Dance that year and lost in the third round to #4 seed Ohio State.)

It seems ironic now with Georgia, having the chance to become the next in line to win the SEC tourney by winning four games, faces Arkansas, the last team to do it. If Georgia wins, it'll be like the passing of the torch.

As far as Auburn, our beloved Tigers were both bounced from the SEC tourney by Vandy. The girls still have a chance to go to the NCAA tourney. Auburn, despite its losing record, has an outside chance at a new postseason tournament, called the CBI. The CBI chooses teams after the NCAA and the NIT.

Given that the Lady Tigers have a chance to return to March Madness, it is obvious that Coach Nell Fortner is bringing the Tigers back. It is less obvious with Jeff Lebo's men's team. This year was Lebo's third losing season in four years. I have commented before that this year's team was snakebit with injuries and it definitely showed. However, what also showed was the team that played with more heart than I've seen out of many better Auburn teams. Bring Lebo back for Year Five.

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