Friday, March 7, 2008

Finishing Where We Started

Auburn men’s b-ball team is 4-11, with a 14-14 overall record. They have played shorthanded all season, sometimes well, sometimes bad. They have lost their last two games to teams they should have beaten: USC and Georgia. They lost by missing shots in the final minute. They lost the same way at home to LSU, a game where they led by five with less than a minute. The difference in those downfalls would have led to 7-8 in the conference and sure NIT berth. That would have been flat amazing for this team.

On Saturday, the Tigers play their final game of the regular season against Arkansas. The Tigers opened the conference season at home against the Hogs, losing by six in a game where they played great, but ran out of gas.

Here’s hoping they finish on a good note. This team can play well. It can even make noise in the SEC tourney. Let’s wish them well.

The women’s b-ball team finished the regular season 19-10 with a 7-7 conference record and expectations of an NCAA tourney berth. The SEC tourney has already started and the Lady Tigers opened with a 73-51 victory over Arkansas. Friday night’s game is against #22 Vandy. With nearly 17 minutes remaining in the second half, Vandy leads 27-17.

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