Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Auburn – Florida becomes Auburn - Tennessee

A week and half ago, I was driving home from my niece’s 3rd birthday party. I turned on my satellite radio: Auburn was playing Mississippi State. It was the 2nd half and AU was trailing by 10. As the game progressed, Auburn’s deficit grew to 20. It was hard to listen to. I turned it over to the Fox News Channel. Hillary Clinton was speaking, giving her vision for America. I turned it back to the game. It turned my stomach less.

The team took a week off and traveled out to Oxford to meet Ole Miss. Ole Miss was the last conference team Auburn had defeated. At the time, Ole Miss was ranked #18 and had one loss. Auburn upset the Rebels, but went on a losing streak after that. The trip to Oxford ended the streak and Auburn chalked up another W.

Tonight, the boys are up against #2 Tennessee. No one expects Auburn to win this thing. The game is in Knoxville, where Auburn tends to average double-digit defeats. However, Tennessee may have something else on their mind. This weekend, UT faces Memphis in a match-up of #1 vs. #2.

To me the game is somewhat reminiscent of football season; Auburn went into Gainesville with no one giving them a chance. However, Florida was looking ahead to a match-up against LSU the following week. AS you may remember, Auburn beat Florida on a last second field goal.

So, maybe it’s just dreaming, but I am optimistic about this evening.

And if you need a little bit of inspiration, a link to the replay of the field goal over Florida is below.

War Eagle!

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