Sunday, January 27, 2008

Losing Ugly

Yesterday, on the 25th anniversary of Bear Bryant’s death, Necrophiliac Nation rose up to claim their first SEC win, 97-77, over our beloved Auburn Tigers. I turned the game on late, having been at my older son’s Pinewood Derby. I turned on the TV and found the game, just as Alabama took a 22-20 lead. Auburn hit a bucket to tie and then went into a funk. Soon, it was 39-22 in favor of Alabama. Auburn couldn’t hit a shot, kept turning the ball over, and the refs seemed to be noticing only one team on the court. Alabama would eventually open up a 30-point lead. Auburn managed to shrink it back to 13 before losing by the final 20-point margin. Mercifully, it was over.

After the game ended, the players were good sports. The Auburn players congratulated their rivals, while the Alabama players, even seemed gracious in victory.

On the other hand, the fans emptied the arena, stormed Bryant-Denny, and tore down a goalpost. Fans were heard to laud Nick Saban on the victory, claiming that it was one more step on the return to fall dominance.

War Eagle! Our boys played hard. They just had an off night, which seems to an occasional thorn for this team. With one exception, the first SEC game of the season (at home vs. Arkansas), the team seems to have nights where it just falls apart. Ignoring the Arkansas loss (six points), Auburn’s losses have averaged nearly 21 points.

Part of this may be the team. With injuries, we have essentially seven players who play. Still, play they do and I love them anyway.

On the good side of things, my son finished second in his Pinewood Derby meet. My wife and I were proud parents.

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