Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to Normal

As I wrote below, last Friday I experienced what it was like to watch my older son, Andrew, endure a seizure. I received some very nice comments on the blog. I also received several e-mails from well wishers and inquiries from co-workers who follow my writing. Thanks all for your concern.

It’s Thursday night, tomorrow is Friday. When I wake up tomorrow, a week will have passed since Andrew’s seizure. Our mornings have been quiet. My son sleeps well, my wife and I are sleeping better, and things are returning to normal.
=> Both my kids have lost a tooth this week.
=> Andrew’s got a birthday party to attend Friday night.
=> Grandma’s coming to visit.
In short, it’s been a typical week.

Hopefully, the next one will be…and the next one…and the next one. I do know it can’t continue, though.

My older son has only a few baby teeth left.


Devon Gray said...

I'm glad it has been a "normal" week for you guys and that Andrew is doing well. We have teeth falling out over here as well (thankfully not those of my husband or me). Have a great weekend!


Walt M said...

Thank you, Devon! I appreciate your comments and concern.

Carol Burnside said...

Whoo-ee! Great news. :)