Sunday, December 16, 2007

Writing Introduction

I have recently had the pleasure of meeting several local writers in the Atlanta area. Several of them are published authors. The others want to be. Admittedly, their writing appeals more to females than males. (The books target the female market, which represent between 60%-80% of the book-buying market, depending on the stats one reads.) However, there are some books that males would find interesting as well.

While I have time, I plan on adding links to the writers I have gotten to know, as well as featuring books that might interest both genders. The first book is The Color of Light by Karen White. When I asked Karen which book of hers she would recommend, she named this one as it’s the only book of hers that her husband liked. I have just started reading it and there’s more action in the first four pages than there is in four quarters of Auburn offense.


Tami Brothers said...

I haven't watch many Auburn games, but I do like Karen's book.

Thanks for adding my link to your site.

Tami B

Walt M said...

You're welcome. Karen's book is definitely good.