Friday, December 7, 2007

But Will It Work On Al Gore?

It was announced yesterday by MSN’s Slate magazine that scientists are researching ways to limit animal flatulence. (Click here to see the announcement.) The reason is the 50% of greenhouse gas emissions apparently come from animals, meaning that cutting back on driving and limiting fossil fuels doesn’t address the primary driver behind the supposed theory of global warming.

Research is suggesting that kangaroos contain a certain bacteria in their intestines, bacteria that negates the methane issue with flatulence. If this bacteria could be successfully implanted in cows, as well as many other animals known to have these issues, then we could make serious strides towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The following questions do remain though:

#1) Could the science be applied to Nick Saban and Bama Nation?

#2) Could it be used on politicians and blowhard pundits. (Joe Scarborough comes to mind, though he is already covered in Question #1.)

#3) Would such a plan pit the global warming alarmists against those who crusade against genetic enhancements to the food supply? This could create a Civil War in the Sierra Club.

Your thoughts, please.

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