Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Touch of Irony: Owing Saban Thanks

Now, before you look at the headline and think I've lost my mind, please hear me out.

Saban made one of the stupidest comments, if not the stupidest comment, in the history of college football. Asinine does not even begin to describe how inappropriate his statement was.

However, when I first heard it, I did something that, as an Auburn fan, I have a difficult time doing.

I suspended my belief.

As much a I want to believe bad things about Alabama, I could not conceive that the Saban could have uttered what he did. And even after learning that he he had compared Alabama's loss to UL-M to Pearl Harbor and 9-11, I could not conceive that the people who support Alabama could condone such a statement.

So, why would Saban be owed any thanks.

Both sides know he stepped over the line. And in being stupid, he reminded both sides that the Iron Bowl (or the Aluminum Foil Bowl as a favorite columnist of mine referred to it this year) is still JUST a football game.

I despise Alabama! I still want to see Auburn destroy them! I want to start raising fingers on the other hand.

However, for a moment, maybe I despise Alabama a little bit less.

Maybe this weekend, the acrimony both sides feel will be tempered for a change...because some moron reminded us of what is important.

War Damn Eagle!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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