Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Sorry for the lateness of this post. I have been visiting family. Also, I have been sick. When I told my wife on Sunday how sick I was, her only response was that I sounded pretty happy on Saturday night.

I guess all of you know the reason.

All of Auburn nation knows the reason.

The winning streak over Alabama has been stretched to six games and we all hope it will continue. The game ended the same way most of the games. Alabama scored to make it within a TD (and possibly a 2-point conversion) and then kicked an onside kick that Auburn recovered and ran out the clock on.

I have two Alabama grads in my office. One doesn’t follow football and has never uttered a nasty word about Auburn. Her, I leave alone. The other Alabama fan in my office does follow football. I thought about saying something. Then I decided to pass by her desk as if it was no big deal. I thought that was funnier.

So what’s in the future?

Tuberville is not going to Texas A&M, though rumors still abound about him taking the Arkansas position.

If you haven’t heard, Houston Nutt has resigned at Arkansas and accepted the position of HC at Ole Miss.

Will Muschamp is being mentioned for many jobs, including the newly open position at Georgia Tech. However, folks believe he will not go to Tech as the fan base could not accept a former Bulldog coaching at Tech.

Rumors still fly about OC Al Borges going elsewhere. Part of that is recognition for a job well done. Other parts of it is speculation about what appears to be a lackluster offense at times.

Congrats to Brandon Cox, the winning-est QB in the SEC. He will make a marvelous coach some day.

Also, Jordan-Hare may be re-named Jerraud Powers Stadium, depending on what course of action Powers will take after being bitten by a police dog. (Yes, I’m kidding.)

Current bowl speculation is the Peach (Chick-Fil-A) Bowl in Atlanta or the Outback Bowl in Tampa. Do we want to finish our season beating up on a Big Ten team or a ACC team?

War Eagle!!

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