Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Giada’s Pregnant

The other day, my wife says to me, “I have bad news for you. Giada’s pregnant.”

For those of you who are not Food Channel devotees, Giada is Giada De Laurentiis. She has a show called Everyday Italian, which I watch occasionally. She has other shows as well, appears on the Today Show, and has three cookbooks, two of which I have.

She’s so popular that there is a drinking game involving her on college campuses. (No, I am not going to describe it.)

So, my wife, knowing that I am slightly smitten, told me about Giada’s pregnancy as a joke. I knew she was giving me a hard time. No big deal. My wife is smitten with Sting. Unfortunately, the pregnancy joke doesn’t work the other way.

My sister also jokes about my obsession with the Food Channel. I am also a big fan of Rachael Ray. Once, I had Rachel on when my sister dropped by with her kids. My sister looked at my wife and joked, “You’re letting him watch Rachael? Isn’t that like he’s cheating on you?”

Why am I talking about this?

Well, to be honest, I don’t won’t to talk about the AU-UGA game. The outcome was a joke.

But I guess we have to.

When Cox opened with an interception, my first impression was, “Oh, %&!$! He’s having flashbacks to 2006.”

Then Cox seemed to calm down, though we settled for a field goal on our next drive.
Then, it was quickly 17-3, and the 2006 scenario came back to me.

When Auburn made it 20-17 in the 3rd quarter, I thought we had taken control.

When UGA went up 24-20, I thought we were in for a reprise of 2005, last team with the ball wins.

Then the bottom dropped and my stomach with it. I lost count of the number of passes dropped

The final score was worse than last year, though we seemed to be in the game for a longer period of time.

So, the questions I have.

Is UGA to Cox what LSU apparently was to John Vaughn?

Did last year’s game make Cox overfocus and try to do too much, similar to what he did in the first three games of this year?

Does UGA offensive coordinator and play caller Mike Bobo know the thoughts of Will Muschamp too well? (I am not implying anything ill of Muschamp, only that Bobo knows too well how Muschamp thinks.)

Whatever happened, UGA creamed us. They are in a zone and playing extremely well. With them needing a UT loss to make the Championship Game, UGA may be in a similar position to what we were in 2005. In 2005, the general consensus was that we were the best team in conference. However, due to one heart-breaking OT loss in Baton Rouge when the best kicker in the league missed five FGs, we found ourselves on the outside looking in. If UT does lose a game and UGA gets in, then I firmly believe that UGA will beat LSU.

War Eagle Anyway!

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