Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ebony and Ivory

The talk this week has been different. Most of the time, when there’s a game between Auburn and Georgia, the talk centers around football.

This week…it’s about the clothes.

Georgia is having a blackout this weekend. All the fans, particularly the students, are supposed to come to the game wearing black. In addition, the players will supposedly be wearing black jerseys, instead of their traditional home red. It’s supposed to get the players and fans pumped up the game, in much the same way that the infamous celebration penalty did in the Georgia-Florida game.

There was even a poll this week in the Atlanta Journal Constitution asking about the jersey. Respondents voted 70% to 30% in favor of the black jerseys.

However, amidst all the talk of the black jerseys, people seem to be forgetting about one thing…the white jerseys.

Yes, as it’s a road game, Auburn will be wearing the standard road white.

Auburn is considered a road warrior. For many of the fans, part of the road mystique centers on the white jersey. In the last four seasons, the team has lost only two games on the road. Both were to LSU. LSU wears white at home, forcing Auburn to wear their home blue in Baton Rouge.

In fact, the last time Auburn lost on the road to a team other than LSU was in the 2003 season to Georgia.

So, on the TV broadcast, it’s a lock that everyone will be discussing the home team in black.

Fear the road team in white.

War Damn Eagle!

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