Friday, October 5, 2007

Progressing Towards Halloween

It is October, which can mean only one thing. The stores are all decorated for Christmas.

Okay, besides that.

It means it’s time for Halloween.

Halloween is a time for kids, but’s it’s also a time for scaring. As I look at Auburn’s impending schedule, I see the following:

10/6 – Auburn vs. Vandy. Kickoff at 11:30 CST.

10/13 – Auburn @ Arkansas. Kickoff at 6:45 CST.

10/20 – Auburn @ LSU. Kickoff TBA.

At the outset, I am at a loss to determine which is scarier. Let’s look at them in reverse order.

Auburn @ LSU – Kickoff is TBA, but I am guessing this will be a night game. LSU prefers night games. Alabama and Tennessee play the same day, which means that CBS will be choosing between this game and ours. Depending on the outcome of the LSU-Florida game, CBS will have to consider whether they think LSU will win by blowout or only a couple of TDs. If CBS is convinced of the blowout scenario, then look for our game to be at night.

Auburn @ Arkansas – Already scheduled for ESPN, this game will see the return of a 100% Marcus Monk. Marcus Monk is Arkansas’s playmaker receiver. Without him, Arkansas is one-dimensional and can be conceivably, in theory, stopped. With him, he makes opposing defenses have to guard him, which opens up the running lanes. Monk will make his first appearance this weekend against UT-Chattanooga before likely being at full speed vs. Auburn.

Auburn vs. Vandy – Morning kickoff. You know what that means.

I have to say that the Vandy situation scares me the most. Let’s face it: we absolutely reek when we haven’t been up that long.

Auburn is a 7.5 point favorite at home. The home field advantage alone is supposed to give a team seven points, meaning the game would be even at a neutral site.

There’s added incentive: This weekend, Auburn is honoring the 1957 championship team, wearing throwback jerseys. This may be incentive for Vandy as the 1950s was the last time, if I remember correctly, Vandy beat Auburn.

So, let’s have a good clean game. I put the emphasis on clean as, given the names of the QBs facing off next week, the language and innuendo that follows could be as disgusting as the last time USC-East and USC-West faced off on the football field (though in that instance, the issue was the names of the mascots).

War *&?^ Eagle!!!

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