Thursday, October 11, 2007

Potential Trap Game

Well, it’s Thursday night. I am at home, watching Wake Forest and Florida State. Wake Forest is a good team that has lost a couple of tough games. Florida State has done the same. FSU is ranked #21. Wake is unranked. Currently, at the start of the 4th quarter, it is 14-14 and Wake is driving.

I am pulling for Wake, as I did my graduate work there. I follow the doings of the Demon Deacons, particularly during basketball season. FSU, 4-1 and coming off a victory over an unnamed propped up national power, is favored by six. Still, the game is at Wake and it’s definitely tight.

This weekend will be the same. The game with Arkansas kicks off at 7:45. Auburn is ranked at #22, slightly favored (by 3 the last time I looked), but playing at Arkansas. Rumors are flying everywhere.

 McFadden is injured and will be used sparingly.
 McFadden is ok.
 Marcis Monk, same rumors as McFadden
 Nutt will be fired if he doesn’t have a good season.
 Tuberville, an Arkansas native, will take the job if Nutt goes.
 Tuberville will be replacing Franchione at Texas A&M

Okay, the last two are the hopeful wishes of Alabama fans.

Back to the game, regardless of the injury status of key Arkansas players, the game will be close. If Auburn players are reading the headlines, their blood is boiling as the pundits keep saying that LSU has only two tough games left: Kentucky and Alabama. Auburn is ready to show that they will be tough, too.

I hope the Tigers will be focused on this weekend…and not focused on the other Tiger team next weekend. We weren’t focused last year when we played Arkansas (ok, it was a morning game) and it cost us. Hopefully, revenge (and it is definitely needed) will keep our minds on this one.

War Eagle!

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