Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Was Wrong

I admit it. I was a little hesitant about today. First, it was the fact a pre-lunch kickoff. We hadn’t done well in a while.

Today, we did.

When Auburn scored its second TD, I saw something rolling on the ground. For a split second, I was cursing under my breath, as I thought we had fumbled the ball.

It was just someone’s helmet.

I said in a previous post that I had read somewhere we were going to wear 50s throwback jerseys in honor of the 1957 championship team.

The ’57 team was there, but we were wearing our white uniforms.

I was glad to be wrong on all counts.

I have to admit it that watching us actually dismantle a team and not have to sweat for the second half was definitely a pleasure. I didn’t even need to drink a beer.

And so it is with a calm demeanor that I flip the switch on the TV and watch LSU-Florida.

My wife wonders why I watch, as neither school is my team. I told her nothing else was on. She doesn’t believe me, but isn’t going to argue it.

My older son, who has to choose sides for every game, is cheering for the purple guys since it’s the favorite team of one of his teachers. This was a little difficult for me to deal with. Like many Auburn fans, I just REALLY want to beat LSU. I am already tired of hearing about them.

War Eagle!

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