Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Goodbye, Andruw Jones

I meant this next post to be about my younger son, Christopher, but events dictated a special. Tonight, I had to deliver bad news to my kids. I told them that Andruw Jones was no longer a member of the Atlanta Braves. Both my kids love Andruw Jones, but the news was particularly devastating to my older son, Andrew, as Andruw is his favorite player. (My younger son Christopher’s favorite player is Brian McCann.)

The first thing my kids asked was, ‘Why?” Initially, I was at a loss as to what to say. My boys are ten and five and have been Braves fans since birth because their Dad is one. However, the idea of budgets and millions of dollars are not a part of their baseball world yet. My kids just know that Andruw has always been a Brave. I tried to explain the whole thing from a budget standpoint, but the concept didn’t make sense.

Then, I hit upon an idea. My kids like DVDs (and, boy, do we have too many). I asked Andrew how much money he had. “Five dollars,” he replied. I then queried how much a DVD cost and laughed when Andrew said, “$14.99.” After that, I asked the boys if they could buy a DVD with $5. When they realized they didn’t have enough money, I explained to them that the Braves had the same issue: they didn’t have enough money to pay Andruw.

So, though my boys are still Braves fans, they will have trouble watching their favorite team take the field next year without the only center fielder they have ever known. Thank you, Andruw, for all the wonderful memories you gave my boys. To them, you will always be one of the Braves.

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