Monday, October 1, 2007

Auburn 2-0 When GameDay Blows

I broke two of my cardinal rules this weekend.

The first was that I bet on the Florida game. (In a fit of insanity, I bet straight up.) Usually, that means a loss, but this time it didn’t.

The second rule was that I looked at the columns at before writing my column.

Unfortunately, Kevin Scarbinsky used my train of thought before I did. To sum up what I was going to say, I was going to comment that Auburn improved immeasurably this weekend. South Florida, a team we lost to in overtime, beat Top Five team West Virginia. Kansas State, a team we beat, defeated Top Five team Texas. As for us, we beat Top Five team Florida.

With that gone, I had to find something new to write about. I call it the Game Day rule.

For those of you that didn’t watch Game Day last Saturday, Corso, Fowler, Herbstreit wrote off Auburn chances for any success against Florida. Granted, it was amazing they had time to even discuss Auburn during ESPN’s Tim Tebow love fest. (Kudos to Mark May for being the lone voice of sanity at ESPN.)

The last time the GameDay crew was so dismissive of us was five years ago. The opponent was Alabama. Auburn, beaten and banged-up, was starting 4th string tailback Tre Smith and converted Cooper Wallace to fullback the week of the game.

That score ended 17-7 and Alabama wasn’t even in the game.

So, when you see all the stats, such as
=> Urban Meyer’s first loss in 18 games at the Swamp.
=> Florida’s first loss in 11 games (since last year at Auburn).
=> Auburn’s 3rd win in its last four games against Florida.

Remember the following:

Auburn is 2-0 when the GameDay crew totally blows us off.

Let’s hope they blow us off again before LSU.

War Eagle!

For those who want to see it again, a link to the kick is below:

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