Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's Next

One of my favorite Pat Dye-isms is, “I didn’t have a talk planned for getting beat.”

I did not have a plan for writing something about getting beat either.

Unfortunately, that is what I now find myself doing.

I wish I could find some pithy comment to add meaning. I can’t.

Usually I am pretty good at looking in the past, finding some correlation between the current season and a past season or at least the most recent game and a past game. I started thinking about the 2003 season, where we started slow and finished 8-5. I also looked at the 2001 season, where we had quarterback issues between Cobb and Campbell. Neither of these fit. I then thought about UGA’s season from last year. They nearly got beat by Colorado to open the season, struggled for much of the season, and then finished strong.

Then I realized my problem.

I was looking at the past.

Auburn has a lot of young players in key position…and a serious lack of senior leadership. An article this week on pointed to Jetgate as being the reason. The combination of Jetgate and potential accreditation issues gave new recruits to Auburn pause. This current class is the result of that.

When I look at the current Auburn team, I realize I am looking at the future. The senior leaders are few. The younger players on the field are there because they are at the top of the depth chart. They are good, but they struggle.

So when I say we are looking at the future, I don’t mean that it is as bleak as the present season looks like right now. I mean that we will be seeing the same players for the next two or three years and that they will be good.

Now, though, it’s a struggle. We will have to take it one game at a time.

As Pat Dye would say, “It’s time for a gut check.”

War Eagle

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