Monday, September 24, 2007

Time For Florida

Well, for a few days, we feel better.

It was hard to feel much worse.

We put up over 400 yards of offense, after failing to reach 300 in the first three games.

We put up 55 points. In the previous three games, we scored a total of 60.

We had one turnover. In the previous three games, we had 13.

In short, we looked good.

It was still New Mexico State.

To re-establish ourselves, we have to do a little more.

This week we have our chance.

Yes, this week we travel to the Swamp to play Florida. The line I have seen is Florida by 20. (The Florida grad in my office says that it has dropped to 17.) The last time I saw it this high was 2001. We were playing Florida then, too. Florida came in to Jordan-Hare a 21-point favorite. The game ended with Auburn winning 23-20 on a Damon Duval 44-yard field goal, splitting the uprights despite rain and a 25 mph crosswind.

That was a great moment. Let’s hope for another.

War Eagle

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