Monday, September 24, 2007

The Score

Every morning, before I leave for work, I give my wife and kids a kiss goodbye. Nearly every morning, my 10-year old, Andrew, wakes up and utters the same groggy sentence, “Daddy, who won?” When Andrew asks this question, he is referring to the Braves. He watches as many games as he can and is particularly fond of his favorite player, Andruw Jones. (He likes the name.) If he could, he would like to stay up and watch the whole game (and sometimes does during the summer), but when it is a school night, he has to get in bed by 8:30. After finding out who won, the next question that always follows is, “What was the score?”

With the Braves season drawing to a close (it would seem), Andrew soon won’t be asking for the score for awhile. That’s okay. After finding out the score, Andrew always utters one last sentence before falling back to sleep: “Daddy, I love you.” Hopefully, after the season ends, he still wakes up and utters that last sentence.

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