Friday, September 21, 2007


OK. I will admit it. I’ve been a little distracted today at work. A lot of rumors have been flying on various websites and my new favorite message board.

There’s a rumor that Cox’s myasthenia gravis has returned. If that is true, we can only wish him the best. Even if it hasn’t, we can still wish him the best as he apparently is pretty much a class act.

There’s a rumor that Tuberville and Borges exchanged heated words about the offense in front of some of the players. I can’t believe this one. If they had the conversation, it would have occurred behind closed doors.

And then there’s Lester. Word is that Auburn is to get word sometime today about his status in the academic suspension. The boards are going crazy, wondering if Lester will be okayed to play. Apparently, we are waiting for clearance from the NCAA. This is the same NCAA that once inadvertently entered a failing grade at the start of a season for a standout Auburn defensive player AND TOOK ALL SEASON to process the correction, offering only a perfunctory apology later.

However, let’s forget innuendo and discuss facts,


NMSU is located just north-northwest of El Paso.

The team is 2-1, meaning that all of our first four opponents have better records right now than we do.

They will use a no-huddle offenses and pass like crazy.

We need a victory in the worst way.

One last rumor:
All, or nearly all, of our injured players should be back for next week’s game against Florida.

That should make things interesting.

War Eagle

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