Thursday, August 16, 2007

Won OnThe Field, Not On Paper

I apologize for the delay in getting a new post out. I am working on my next big article and have been swamped with things at home.

I have been reading a lot lately how Alabama fans are crowing that they are beating Auburn in the recruiting wars, given their August (no pun intended) successes vs. Auburn's inability to recruit in-state, and noting this as proof that they are back. Leave it to Alabama to declare themselves state, SEC, and national champions without even playing a game. It's reminiscent of the Iron Bowl game in, I believe, 2005 when John Parker Wilson was pressed into duty late in the game and, given Wilson's success (he completed a few passes), Alabama fans started crowing on blogs afterwords that Auburn better "get used to it".

I am waiting to see what "pseudo-victory" they declare next.

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Mike Amaral said...

Dude, some of that noise can be wiped away with some toilet paper. Unfortunately for Aubbie fans there is some truth to their crowing. I can't comment on their recruiting coups but they now have a coach that knows how to win. Not that I'm a big fan of Nicky's but he does might remember the last Tiger team he coached to a national title. Of course he promptly left...fickle and untrustworthy...perhaps...great recruiter and coach. Besides I have my own worries with the Dawgs. Wuff Wuff Wuff.