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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Tale of the Videotape (A Last Look at the 2006 Auburn Season)

Every college football fan has their idiosyncrasies that they swear affect the team. Some of it’s clothing related: lucky shirts, sweatshirts, bras, etc. Others are specific morning rituals: time to wake up, ways your stir your coffee. These rituals are all geared towards winning.

As for me, I usually blame myself for losses. One particular season opener (at home vs. Southern Cal), I wore my new “It’s rolling, baby, it’s rolling” t-shirt. I never wore it on a game day again. One year, I missed kickoff on every televised game that we lost. Last year, though, my downfall was videotape.

Being married with two kids, I have little chance of watching/listening to all of Auburn’s games in a season. When I can’t watch, I have to tape the game. The reason for this is that my wife understands my passion, but refuses to surrender every fall Saturday. Last season, she planned a pumpkin patch outing for a particular October Saturday. I set the VCR to tape the Arkansas game. (I know. It’s not a TIVO. I’m still in the dark ages.) Then, I went to the pumpkin patch with family and friends. After the outing was over, we went to a BBQ place for a late lunch and I caught the second half. It was painful to watch.

Then came November. My wife planned a Saturday to take pictures of the boys for our Christmas cards. I set the VCR. It was the Georgia game. I returned home in time to watch the game, but forgot to turn off the tape. It was even more painful than Arkansas.

Despite this, I am lucky that I realized my mistake in time. I had videotaped the previous four Iron Bowls and wanted to stick with what was working. However, acknowledging the bad karma of the VCR in 2006, I did not tape the 2006 Iron Bowl. Like the four before it, the one was beautiful as well.

I do count myself lucky in one area besides the Iron Bowl. My wife planned a family outing to the zoo on the day of the LSU game. The outing included my sisters and their families as well. I decided to be a jerk and stayed home to watch the game. We pulled it out.

So, with 2006 officially remembered, I now look forward to 2007. Granted, I look forward to every season. War Eagle!

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