Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tale of Two Countdowns

My ten-year old looked at me earlier this evening and said "13 days to go". "For what", I asked. "For the Harry Potter party!" he said. Yes, with the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series scheduled to debut two Saturdays from today, I had promised to take both my sons to one of those Harry Potter parties at bookstores on the Friday night before the book comes out. The party will last until midnight at which time those who have pre-ordered a copy of the final volume can pick up a copy.

I am also in some sort of countdown. When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself...eight weeks from today. Eight weeks from today another Auburn football season will begin. Like my kids and the next Harry Potter book, I can't wait. (Actually, I am probably looking forward to the next Harry Potter book myself as much as they are. I don't think Harry dies, but I do think that in the end, someone will die in his place.)

I have been reading all I can about Auburn's upcoming season. The general consensus is that Auburn will finish 2nd in the West Division behind LSU. Auburn is expected to win all eight of its home games, but the four away games (LSU, Arkansas, Florida, and Georgia) are seen as too hard for Auburn to survive. (Granted, Florida also had four away games last year that were seen in the same way.)

Personally, I think Auburn will have a wonderful season, but I can't see an undefeated one. Every expert picks Auburn to lose to both Florida and LSU, meaning that we will win at least one of those. I think we will exact revenge on both Arkansas and Georgia, especially Arkansas, though D-Mac will make it hard at the outset.

Book 7 of the Harry Potter series is not the only Harry Potter related item debuting soon. The movie, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (based on Book 5), debuts next week. The last time a Harry Potter movie debuted was the third week of November 2005, the same weekend that Auburn made it four in a row over Alabama. The bowl game performance notwithstanding, Auburn did better that season then expected. Let's hope the magic continues.

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