Monday, July 23, 2007

Blueberry pie recipe revisited

I have received an e-mail from a reader talking about trying the blueberry pie recipe I suggested (see previous post below about me doing what my wife asks) and the pie filling not jelling (though still being delicious). For anyone having this problem, you can make it jell by allowing the pie to cool. I have also added extra cornstarch and cooked it longer than the recipe calls for. (It needs to be covered in aluminum foil, if you do this.) The reader will be testing some other thickening agents and hopefully getting back to me. If other readers have a suggestion let me know. The next time I cook it, I am going to try a water bath.

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Anonymous said...

I find that flour is a superior thickening agent in berry pies. You don't need to use much. Don't worry, it won't make it taste starchy or pasty.--Stacey